ECO Black Frame - Numerology Chart
  • ECO Black Frame - Numerology Chart

ECO Frame - Numerology Certificate


Economy (ECO) Range Framed Numerology Certificate.  

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Nationality: UK
Frame Choice: ECO Black

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Numerology Certificates provide a wealth of information from just a name & date of birth.  

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These personalised certificates are presented complete in a choice of Economy (ECO) Range frames.  Personalisation based on Numerlogy, including insights into a person's destiny and expression, their inner dreams, birth & much more.    

This Numerology certificate product is created using name and numerological profile based on date of birth.  Providing a perfect personalised gift solution for believers and those interested in Numerlogy - or treat yourself!  Also contains five very special numbers linked to the individual - ideal for National Lottery!  Use own birth date for the sixth number for extra luck.

This framed personalised gift product is available in UK or USA versions, providing a unique Numerology profile.

More product details of the information and styles available can be viewed from the link in the Attachments tab, by downloading PDF file 'Gift - New Age'.

History of Numerology

Numbers have always fascinated the human race - to the point where some believe that numerical factors are mystically intertwined with life itself.  The New Age study of numerology co-ordinates the relationship between numerological count measurement and life patterns.  Numbers have always held a fascination whether from Pythagoras theorem relating triangles to areas to the seemingly never ending number of PI.  From computers, to buildings, to space, rockets - numbers provide an integral base line; why not indeed the pattern of life itself?

The numerological art has existed since at least ancient greek times back in the 6th Century BC.  The unique life numbers based charts shown below, provide a novel special gift idea to those who wish to discover even more about themselves and life's events.

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Gift - New Age

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